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"Men do not naturally not love. They learn not to."
Felix Turner, The Normal Heart


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"You’re a fool, Harry Potter, and you will lose everything."

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stiles + the dictionary of obscure sorrows (insp)

Everywhere we turn, we find someone new trying to kill us.

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Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice or just have a nice chat.

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Short version: Not dead.

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i think found my new favorite gif

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sometimes i type something really clever and i start laughing at it and im like HAHAHAHA im so FUNNY and then i realize ive been laughing at my own joke for ten minutes and im not really that funny at all

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Coloring Tutorial: How to Match Screencaps to Color Palette


  • Explanation of how I made this graphic
  • I’m using CS6, but other versions should all work
  • This is pretty photo based
  • Final Result:


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on a scale of one to glee how bad is that decision

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Put a number  in my ask and I’ll tell you my favourite

  1. Movie
  2. TV Show
  3. Song
  4. Animal
  5. Color
  6. Word
  7. OTP
  8. Candy
  9. Thing to Do 
  10. Quote
  11. Magazine
  12. Holiday
  13. Accent 
  14. Number 
  15. Clothing Store
  16. Season 
  17. Book
  18. Actress 
  19. Actor
  20. Food 
  21. Drink
  22. Letter
  23. Cereal
  24. Fruit 
  25. Band 
  26. Sound
  27. Smell
  28. Country
  29. Person from history
  30. Artist

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I also love how girls start shit talking off like ‘okay so Nicole like I love her, I adore her, she’s great and awesome and beautiful but like….’

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We, who suffered so much and enjoyed so little the rewards of our victory, do not seek our fans’ favor, grace them with our smiles, or catch their kisses. We are unforgiving.

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